Friday, February 02, 2007

15000 sq feet and lo ! a glacier in Arunachal Pradesh

Water falls in a Goan retreat amidst Chorla Ghats

The Shivasamundram falls forms a little pool

Tucked away near Pelling in Sikkim is this lake in a monastery

Its a lucky lake in Sikkim - Pray and get your wishes answered

Tsango lake near gangtok in Sikkim-not frozen this time around

A yak ride anyone ?

Its a colourful day at Tsango lake

What a riot of colours

Is it a lake or a glacier ?

Placid and quiet - a mountain lake near tawang

Black Forest ?

Finally a lake that defies to become ice

Would love to camp here

Blue cocktail!

Feel like walking on ice - Sella Pass near tawang

Colourful flags fluttering around a frozen lake

A piece of sky has fallen on to the ground
A glacier tucked away in mountains